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Zucchini Lentil Pasta Birds Eye Nutrition Facts That You Should Know Before Consumption

zucchini lentil pasta birds eye nutrition facts

Lentil-based pasta is convenient, healthy, and of course delicious so it’s easier for everyone to be much healthier. Birds Eye is one of the most important brand names in the history of the frozen food industry due to its continuous efforts in developing nutritious and convenient products. One such product is zucchini lentil pasta by which you can get your families to eat healthy with tons of nutritional benefits. Zucchini lentil pasta Birds Eye nutrition facts are many but another advantage is that you don’t need to boil water or clean pots, making it an easy choice to include in holiday recipes.

Zucchini Lentil Pasta Birds Eye Nutrition Facts

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Pasta is one of the largest and most popular foods all over the world because of its great taste, versatility, and convenience. However, despite loving variety of pasta dishes, you are always looking for healthier alternatives that every member of your family will enjoy. With Birds Eye Zucchini Lentil Pasta, you can relish a full serving of goodness with a delicious taste and texture just like traditional pasta.

Zucchini Lentil Pasta Birds Eye Nutrition Facts And Benefits

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Following are the nutritional benefits of Birds Eye zucchini lentil pasta:

High In Protein

Lentil pasta provides 11 or 12 grams of protein that is roughly double the amount of protein as compared with traditional pasta. For someone who’s vegan or vegetarian, lentil-based pasta will help them to give those extra grams of protein. High protein food increases muscle mass and strength, is good for your bones, boosts metabolism, increases fat burning, lowers your blood pressure, and helps you stay fit.

High In Fiber

Lentils are proved to be an excellent source of fiber making the lentil pasta high in fiber. Comparably, individuals with high intake of dietary fiber are at a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, obesity, diabetes, and certain gastrointestinal diseases.


For someone who suffers from gluten intolerance, lentil pasta comes as a lifesaver to be able to enjoy the pleasure of pasta without having a risk of allergy or sensitivity.

Lower In Carbohydrates

For someone who’s following a low carb diet, lentil pasta is certainly a good option. Lentil pasta has 37 grams (200 calories) while traditional pasta has 44 grams (210 calories). Low-carb foods help to lose fat, reduces blood sugar and insulin levels, are effective against metabolic syndrome, and improves cholesterol levels.

More Iron

Iron is an essential mineral for our body responsible for transporting oxygen. Those seeking more iron are benefited at a ratio of 3 to 2 when compared with traditional pasta. More iron in your food will help to preserve general energy and focus, immune system, gastrointestinal processes, and regulation of body temperature.


Adding lentils to your diet can benefit you in numerous ways by contributing significant amounts of nutrition that otherwise you may be missing out on. If you are a health-conscious person who enjoys devouring a good bowl of pasta, then Birds Eye zucchini lentil pasta is a great substitute, and making this adjustment to your diet will be worth it.

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