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Which Birds Are On The Endangered Species Birds List

A close up of a bird

In the present scenario, there is increased pollution, deforestation, global warming, and many such issues. All of these are works of humanity and have contributed to the destruction of the natural habitat of other living beings. Birds are also affected and throughout history, some bird species have gone extinct too. Today plenty of birds are on the verge of extinction due to human activities. Here is the list of birds that can go extinct if adequate attention is not given to them. Such birds are simply put under the endangered species category that may not be found in the future.

  1. Kakapo
A bird flying over a body of water

A total of 41 varieties of parrots are identified as endangered birds and Kakapo is one such species. They are one of the heaviest parrots with a weight that goes about 6 Kg. Kakapo is native to New Zealand and even referred to as ‘owl parrots’. The life span of the species revolves around 40 to a maximum of 80 years. 

  1. African Penguin

Found in the South African region these birds have a beautifully streamlined body. They weigh up to 3 Kg or even more. These birds try to stay in a group. African Penguins live in coastal areas with sandy shores. Creatures like sharks, mongoose, and fur seals are few notable enemies of this species of penguins. 

  1. Congo Bay Owl

This is a species of owl that resides in the Albertine Rift montane forests. An average Congo Bay Owl weighs around 195g or more. They usually live in mountains, areas with bamboo forests and grasslands. These birds are put under the endangered species category as only thousands of them are left. 

  1. White-Fronted Ground Dove

The species can be found in Micronesia, a country located in the western Pacific Ocean. They choose to live in either tropical or subtropical regions. White-fronted ground dove commonly known as the Caroline ground dove has a decreasing population. Only some hundreds of White-fronted ground doves are left. Endangered birds get extra protection and attention from governments around the globe.

  1. Milky Stork

These are mostly found in the mangrove forest. Milky stork can be seen in the Southeast Asian region. For example, Malaysia, Sumantra, Thailand, Cambodia, and so on. Their height lies between 90 to 100 cm. They prefer migrating to other locations during the dry season. 


A small bird perched on a tree branch

A lot of birds are harmed because of the poor quality environment. Some bird species may go extinct shortly. To save such species they are set under the endangered species birds category. The first is Kakapo, also called owl parrots which are native to New Zealand. Then African Penguins residing in the South African waters and sandy shores. Congo Bay Owls from Albertine Rift montane forests are endangered. White-fronted ground dove and Milky stork are included. 

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