What Makes Cockatiel A Good Pet?

Cockatiel: Reasons Why It Is A Good Pet

If you are looking to have a pet bird, then we will try to help you with your decision. The cockatiel is perhaps a good choice. Though you can select from several birds like the Eclectus, Conure, African Grey, you can select several species as your pet bird.

While you can find several parrots in the market for sale as pets, this breed can be considered as best of it’s kind for many reasons.

Cockatiel: Reasons Why It Is A Good Pet

Why You Should Consider The Cockatiel?

They are friendly and can bond with anyone easily. Ideal for people of all ages and genders. You will be glad to know that the pet bird is breed in many countries. Owners too are extremely happy and cheerful with the bird as their pet.

Usually, owners love to have the budgie or the parakeet, but the cockatiels can be a part of your choices. That is probably because maintaining the bird is easy. Owners do not have to spend a lot of time in the upkeep of the pet bird.

When compared to other breeds of the parrots, this bird is able to blend in easily in almost any kind of environment. Other parrots can bond, some can be rude, and some can even cause injury in their own ways. Each of you has your preference and taste.

Based on that, you have freedom of opting. This bird is easy to maintain, kind to one and all, and lovely to have in homes. You will not hear complaints about this bird though. If at all, it can be a very rare situation.

Cockatiel: Reasons Why It Is A Good Pet

The Price Of Buying This Bird

Many times the price decides the kind of bird people want to purchase for their homes. Some parrots can cost you a thousand dollars, if not more. In that case, owners do not have much of a choice.

In the United States of America, this pet bird can cost less than $50. As it is small, the bird can easily be procured and fed. In some instances, the bird would have been taken good care can cost a little more than others can.

However, you can opt for the bird that has been hand-fed by the breeder. You know that the bird has been well taken care of and is most likely quite healthy. You are getting a head start. The price of the bird is not much and plays a factor in the purchase.

grey parrot

The more attention and love they get initially, the better they blend in with the family. They love to mimic the owners. It gives good entertainment to the residents of the home. The ideal companion for the elderly.

If they feel angry or threatened, they can bite. Otherwise, they are well behaved and are gentle. As they are small, they drink and eat less. The large parrots tend to consume more drink and food.

The lesser the food means lesser the mess for you to clean up. If you are looking for a cute, loving, and entertaining pet animal, then the cockatiel it is.

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