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What is Hummingbird? Know About It

facts about humming birds

Hummingbird is a kind of bird from 10,000 bird species present in the world. They are colourful, tiny, but loaded with so many qualities. They are generally found in America, Europe and often Canada. They can especially be seen during the spring and summer seasons. But is this all you know? Let me tell you more interesting facts about this tiny beautiful friend.

Fun Facts about Hummingbird:

1. Quick facts

A colorful bird perched on top of a hummingbird

Type: Bird

Diet: Primarily nectar of the flowers and insects.

Weight: 2 — 6 grams

Life span: 2 to 5 years ( But they have been known for live about 10 years)

Size: 7 — 9 cm

Biggest member: Ruby-throated hummingbird

Smallest member: Bee hummingbird

2. As we all know, the hummingbird is the smallest in the world. But among its species, the tiniest one is MellisugaHelenae, commonly known as the Bee hummingbird.

A hummingbird flying in the air

3. Its name is taken from the humming sound created from its wings while flying.

4. Each species of hummingbirds make a different humming sound, determined by the number of wings best per second.  Depending on the species, hummingbirds can rapidly flaptheir wings 12 to 90 times in a second.

5 They can fly forward, backward, upward, downwards and even sideways. They are the only bird that can flu like this. But they can not walk. As their feet are similar to humans but so weak and small that it can not be able to help hummingbirds to walk or hop.But they can perch.

6.They consume about half of their body weight in bugs and nectar-feeding in every 10 to 15 minutes. Hummingbirds consume the nectar of about 1000 to 2000 flowers in a day, as they have to feed about half their weight daily.

7.The size of a bee hummingbird’s eggs is equal to a pea.

8. From Building nests to taking care of the new ones, all is taken care of by female hummingbirds only. Male hummingbirds do nothing, and they will often find a new mate after hatching the eggs.

9. A hummingbird can travel about 23 miles a day.

10.A hummingbird’s heart beats about 225 times per minute at rest. And it becomes 1260 times per minute while flying. It’s wings can beat about 70-90 times while flying, and reach up to more than 200 times while diving.

11.Hummingbird’s normal body temperature is 105 degrees Fahrenheit. They are the followers of torpor.

12. A hummingbird’s brain is about 4.2 % of its body weight. Which is the highest in any bird species. They can remember the routes, humans and even those flowers that are already visited by them.

13.Humming birds have grooved tongues just like the shape of “W”.

14.They have tiny hair on their tongue, which helps them to feed the nectar from the flowers. Even cats have such hair on their tongues.

15.Hummingbirds have no sense of smell. But they can hear way much better than humans.

16.Hummingbirds see in ultraviolet light and can see further and better than humans. They are most attracted to red colour and then orange.

17.Hummingbirds can remember when they fed nectar of ant flower. After feeding, they wait till the time taken by that flower to fill nectar again. After that time, they again visit that flower.

18.During courtship, a hummingbird’s wingtips best up to 200 times per second. When the female appears, her partner displays by flying to and fro in a perfect arc. The pair then dives up and down vertically, facing each other.

19.They can fly with the speed of 15 m/s to 54 m/s. The ruby-throated hummingbird can fly about 1000 to 3000 km in a go. And the ruby-throated hummingbird has only 940 feathers on its entire body.

20.The female hummingbird makes it’s best about six meters high from the ground. She coats the outside with lichen and small pieces of bark. And lines inside plant materials only.

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