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What Are The Most Popular Pet Birds?

Most Popular Pet Birds

In recent years, there is a remarkably increased demand for birds as pets. Many surveys show the boom of the birds as pets. It is because the birds can be wonderful companions. The big birds can live even for a dozen years or more. Before owing any pet birds, you must be mentally prepared. Firstly, research all the things about your pet like nutrition, space, and attention. The birds also require health checkups and veterinary care. Here are some most popular birds that you can consider as pets.

Most Popular Pet Birds
Most Popular Pet Birds

Cockatiels As Pet Birds

These birds are easy to handle and can be first birds for the families that have children. These birds can imitate human voices. The average lifespan of these interactive birds is around 20 years. They do not require big cages like the parrots. But the cage must contain all the necessary things like food, toys, and water. They require new and chlorine-free water every day. These birds are highly social birds and can talk, sing, and respond to the actions of the owners. They need at least an hour time outside the cage in a day to get more interactive.


The finches are the little birds that come in a variety of colors. The owl finches look like the owl and the zebra finches and black and white strips. They are affordable pets. The noise-sensitive people and the ones who have neighbors nearby can get them as pets. It is because they do not make loud noises like parrots. They require large cages which have enough space for the flight. These birds spend most of their time in making nests by small sticks. Give them clean water daily and little amount of seeds along with the food.

white and blue parakeet inside white birdcage


The macaws are the large parrots. The Hyacinth macaws are the giant parrots. Hence, they are also called as gentle giants. It is sometimes complicated for beginners to provide them the proper housing. But they are very interactive and attractive birds. They can mimic human voices and whistle. They spend most of the time playing with toys and cuddling. Provide them the proper nutrition. They can live from 60 to 80 years. Sometimes, they can even outlive their owners. They have sharp bills, and they can also break the coconut shells using their beaks.

Most Popular Pet Birds

Parakeets As Pet Birds

These birds are often called as budgies. They are medium-sized parrots. Their size is around 6 to 10 inches long. They have an average life span of approximately 7 to 10 years. The healthy parakeets look very attractive and beautiful. The parakeets are one of the most popular companion birds. These birds are socially interactive. They have the ability to learn and mimic human voices. The male parakeets are more frequent in talking as compared to the female ones. They spend most of their time playing with toys. Give them new toys to play with from time to time. Give them the proper fruits and vegetables to eat. Occasionally, feed them with a limited amount of seeds.

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