Unique Traits Of Migratory Birds

Unique Traits Of Migratory Birds

Many species of birds migrate to different regions. Recent studies show that around 40 percent of the total population of birds migrate to different parts of the world. The migration is to optimize their living conditions. Many of the migratory birds migrate to warm places where they can easily find food.  

Interesting Facts About Migratory Birds

Here we present some of the interesting and unique facts of the migrating birds.

Unique Traits Of Migratory Birds

1. Hummingbird Is The Smallest Migrating Bird

The hummingbirds are one of the smallest birds in the world. Their weight is about one- eighth part of an ounce. These birds travel very long distance as compared to their length. They can fly with a speed of 30 miles an hour at the time of migration.

2. Some Birds Travel Long Distance During Migration

Many migrating birds cover long distances during the time of movement. Some Birds can travel up to 16000 miles. However, the range of the destination varies according to the species of the bird. Some birds fly with high speed at the time of migration.

3. Migratory Birds Don’t Forget Where They Are Going

It is interesting to know that the birds always know where to go at the time of migration. They can use the position of stars, suns, and even the earth magnetism to reach their destination. After the movement, these birds return to their native places.

4. Birds Prepare Themselves Before Migration

The birds know that they have to travel long distances during the time of migration. So, they prepare their body for such a long journey far away from their homes. The birds reserve their half of the weight and start to build their body fat before this long journey.

two white-and-pink flamingoes running on water

5. Birds Migrate At Different Times A Day

The time of the traveling during migration varies with species. However, many birds feed and rest during morning and afternoon time. They prefer to migrate during the night. There may be several reasons behind that. At night, there are fewer predators. Maybe they consider the night time safe to travel. The air is cold during the night. Therefore, the birds can fly continuously during the night.

Unique Traits Of Migratory Birds

Some Of The Famous Migratory Birds

American Flycatchers: These birds show similar migration to that of Hummingbirds. They mostly eat insects.

American Robin: These beautiful birds migrate and assemble in Gulf states.

Standard winged Nightjar: They are natives of West of Kenya and Senegal. These birds migrate to northern regions to get rid of the rainy season.

Wilson Petrels: They are the native to the western region of Antarctic. During April, these birds migrate to the coast of North and South America. They travel to Erica during the coasts of Europe and Africa. These birds fly in the direction of winds.

Arctic Terns: These Migrating Birds are natives of Asia, North America and North Coasts of Europe. These birds migrate very long distances as compared to any other birds. They spend their winters in the Antarctic and Southern Pacific regions. They travel around 11000 miles at the time of migration.

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