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Types Of Pet Birds – A Few Of The Most Popular

types of pet birds

The types of pet birds you choose depend on the size and personality you have as well as what is available in your area. If you live in a very large city, there will be more choices than if you live in a smaller town. For example, parakeets are very popular in most homes. Budgies also belong in most homes.

Budgies are very cute and fun pets. Parakeets, on the other hand, are very quiet and serene pets. They can memorize things very quickly and do well as watchdogs. However, they are not the most active of the birds. Parakeets are the third most popular choice of pets for families with young children.

Parakeet Pets

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Parakeet pets are great as pets because they are so beautiful. Their lustrous green and gold color makes them one of the most attractive of all pet birds. There are many different types of parakeets including red, black and orange. All have a very colorful tail feathers and beautiful beaks. They can be very talkative and funny. Parakeets flit around the room singing and dancing when excited.

Lovebirds are another choice of pets for families with small children. These lovebirds love to eat, love attention and are very friendly. Many people think that lovebirds are only good for adults but they are quite adaptable and can fit into almost any family situation. Many lovebirds are bred to be long-term pets.


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Finches are another popular choice of pets. They are not very colorful but their bright colors, vibrant colors and wide varieties of food attract many varieties of feathered friends. Many finches come in a variety of different breeds. Some finches are native to Australia and are known as “Mocha Finches” while other birds are from islands in the South Pacific and are called “Pearl Finches.”

Macaws are another popular choice of pet birds for many people. Macaws are also considered to be one of the most popular birds among parrot owners. Macaws are also considered to be the largest among the three parrot species. Macaws have brown beaks and white legs with their short tail. They have larger eyes than the other two avian species and their beaks are larger than the other two as well. Some individuals have a double chin, while others only have one.


A very popular choice of pet birds for those people considering a parrot as a pet is the Lories. The Lories are members of the parrot family, but they differ from the other two species. The male Lories are more colorful and have a thick beak that some refer to as “tongue.” The females do not have the protruding tongue.


There are so many different types of pets that people enjoy having. In terms of pets that are available for sale, the most popular pet birds include African Greys, African Grey Parrots, Black Headed Orangutan, Conures, Cockatoos, Budgies and even Macaws. If you are thinking of getting a bird, then it would be best if you consider the type of bird that you want to own. Aside from the type of pet bird that you are going to get, you should also consider the breed that you want to own. This will ensure that you get the perfect pet that you are looking for.

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