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Types of Game Birds to Consider For Hunting

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When talking about types of game birds, the subject at hand is vast and very different from what most people imagine. It is a sport that is unique, interesting, and captivating to a large number of people. It is not just a game that can be played by one or two individuals. Yes, it is a form of sport where there are different types of game birds that are played. However, they are all considered wild game and have to be caught in order to be able to enjoy them.

Three Main Types Of Game Birds

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There are three main types of game birds. The first are what are known as hunting birds. These include eagles, hawks, owls, and rats. These are birds that make their living off of kill and eating other animals. They hunt animals for food and water, so the main way that they are able to do so is to catch the prey and bring it back to their nest. If it is a small animal, they will likely use talons and claws in order to bring it back.

The second are known as sport birds. The main types of this game to hunt include foxes, raccoons, coyotes, and skunks. This is one type of game that people use to get into the sport of hunting. In most cases, the sport will involve catching the animal and then bringing it back to the nest or holding a contest to see who has the most skill in capturing a specific animal.

 Fur Ball Game Birds

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The third are known as fur ball game birds. These are a few of the smaller game birds that are used to attract other types of game birds. They have been known to attract larger types of game birds by using their beautiful colors. They have been used in fowl shows, big in contests, and even to help attract geese. They have very defined features and are usually very bright red or orange in color. They are great to use for attracting game birds.

The fourth are known as spotted game birds. They have a thick beak but smaller than the beaks of some of the other types of game birds. They are primarily gray in color with some brown spots on the back. These types of are often found in rice fields or swamps. They are very friendly and tend to flock together with other types of birds if there is food available.

 Big Game Birds

The next type of game bird to look at are the big game birds. These are generally the larger types of game birds that are used to attract other types of bird species. They come in many different varieties including blue jays, eagles, hawks, and owls. This is the type of bird that hunters look for in their stand. They can be found in a variety of environments including forests, fields, and forests.

The last of the types of game birds to consider are the waterfowl. These are types of birds that are found in the water. Many times they are seen on a lake or other body of water. The waterfowl are becoming more popular due to their increased sightings all over the country.


If you are going to be hunting for a specific type of game bird, you should look into the characteristics of the game bird that you want to hunt. This will help to ensure that you find the best places to bag your kill. If you are new to hunting, then you should start by learning the basics. Get some good information on hunting by going to a hunting class or reading about it online.

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