Types Of Bluebirds – Know About Various Species

A small bird sitting on a branch

We all have seen birds flying high in the sky, and thought may have come to the mind that is can we fly too? Well, yes, you can but in an airplane. Okay, so how many of you have seen bluebirds? It is a random question, but this is what this blog is about! A bluebird symbolizes the essence of beauty and gives hope and love to someone. But is there only one type of bluebird? No! Many types of bluebirds are present in this world. We will tell you about the most attractive types of bluebirds that are usually found in North American lands.

It is possible that you may have seen such birds but were unaware of what family they belong to. Identify such birds in the following list, and who knows; you may have seen all of them? 

Know The Popular Types Of A Bluebird And How They Look 

A bird sitting on top of a wooden table

Eastern Bluebird (Known As Sialia Sialia)

You may have seen this eastern bluebird throughout eastern North America. For the differentiation male eastern bluebird has a dark blue back, head, and rusty red color throat. The female is similar to be seen but has a duller tone. This type of bird arrives early in Canada, like in April, and then went to the south in October. 

Blue Bunting 

Blue bunting is known as the most amazing and attractive bird of all time. Also, they are regular vagrant visitors from America and Mexico.

Western Bluebird (Known As Sialia Mexicana)

These kinds of bluebirds prefer to live in a warmer habitat. Like other species of birds, they are on the verge of declining. The male is similar to the eastern male bluebird, but the female has a greyer tone. The volunteers have put nesting boxes that have helped to increase their population.


Bluethroat has visibly categorized into two types the red-spotted bluebird and the white-spotted bluebird. Both of the sub-species of bluethroat have dull brown backs. Their family name is the flycatcher family. During the mating season, the male can be seen perching on the trees.

Mountain Bluebird

Mountain bluebird is considered as one of the western bluebird species. They love to love in tree cavities. 

Blue Jay 

A large blue bird can be seen throughout North America. They are generally noisemakers and are known to make alarm calls if they see an intruder. 


A bird sitting on a wooden surface

There are many unseen species of birds that are alive today. It takes plenty of research along with time to find their location and to reach them. The above types of bluebirds are mostly present in North American lands and are counted as an amazing sight to see. You can also search for more bluebirds across the internet.

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