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Types Of Birds In Texas To Check Out

types of birds in texas

There are various birds in Texas, and it is a Paradise for all the bird watchers out there. If you are planning to visit Texas, you should spend a single day pursuing beautiful birds. If you do not know the kind of words you can check out over there, you need to get a piece of knowledge about the same. It is good news that the bird industry of entire North America is growing rapidly and you should be able to identify some of the most famous birds. Here are all the best that you need to check out, and they are going to be visually appealing for you. 

Tricolored Heron

A small bird perched on a tree branch

It was formerly known as the Louisiana Heron, and it comes in three different colors. It is available mostly in the shallow waters and has a beautiful long beak and neck. This word is characterized by the neck, which has a beautiful blue-green color. The world population has decreased over the years, but it is still common when it comes to the southeastern part of the United States. 

Northern Mockingbird

A colorful bird perched on a tree branch

This is another common bird that you can find in Texas, and it is white and grey in color. Even though it is not that beautiful to look at, she is a marvelous singer. The name of this word comes from the meaning many tongues mimic. You can talk about this bird-like versatile vocal specialist, and it knows a dozen different tunes. 

Red-Headed Woodpecker

Unlike most other woodpeckers, it is quite excellent in catching the insect and feeds on many nuts and acorns. This is a bird of Texas that catches insects, and it also makes holes in the wood. The bird is also known as the flying chequerboard, and it has beautiful Bolt patterns printed on its body. At first glance, you will recognize it because of the red-colored hand and the unique black and white patterns. 

Red-Tailed Hawk

Right after the red-headed woodpecker, the next word in the list gets its name from a stunning red color tail. The tale might seem to be orange in broad daylight, and it has beautiful patterns of chocolate brown feathers. This bird is also commonly known as the chickenhawk, and you can get to see them on the high hills of Texas. If you are lucky enough, you might even get a glance at them on the highway while driving, and they feed on rodents.

Purple Gallinule

It is not similar looking to the common Gallinule, and the purple one has white stripes with a variety of colors. It is not only purple in the head, neck, and feathers, but it also has a green color on its back. The four head is of a little blue tint, and the rest is bright yellow in color. It looks like a duck, and it can easily step on the plants floating on water. 


Apart from all the names that we have already mentioned, you can see a lot more variety. You will be boggled by the type of bus that you can check out, and you can even take snaps of it.

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