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Types Of Big Birds – Know More About The Big Birds

A close up of a bird

A lot of big birds exist on this planet of which not many people are aware. Big birds are very heavy and they have heavier bodies and denser bones because of which they cannot fly. There are various types of big birds that are already very famous and everyone knows about them, while there are many others about whom not everyone has heard of. The largest bird in the world is African Ostrich and when fully grown, they have an advanced immune system as compared to other birds. The big birds feed on a lot of food as well which makes it difficult for people to adopt them. 

Types Of Big Birds – Ostrich 

A close up of a bird

The largest living bird on this planet is the Ostrich. The average mass of these birds is 104 kg and their average length is 210 cm. The largest eggs are laid by Ostriches and they hold the record for having the fastest land speed when compared to other birds. They are known to reach speeds of 70 km per hour. Ostriches are one of the types of big birds that are not able to fly because of their heavier bodies. All the more, they have the largest eyes when compared to other land vertebrates. They are native to America. In fact, they are farmed all over the world because of their feathers, skin, and meat. 

Types Of Big Birds – Cassowary

A close up of a bird

The Southern Cassowary is also known as double-wattled cassowary, Australian Cassowary, or two-wattled Cassowary. These are some of the types of big birds that have a lot of weight because of which they cannot fly. The average weight of Cassowaries is 45 kgs and they are 155 cm long. Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea are one of the few places where Southern Cassowary is found. On the other hand, Northern Cassowaries, also known as single-wattled cassowaries are comparatively smaller in length and are less in weight as compared to southern Cassowaries. 

Types Of Big Birds – Penguin 

Emperor penguins are generally found only in Antarctica. Penguins are yet another type of big bird that cannot fly. The average weight of emperor penguins is around 31.5 kgs and their height is about 114 cm. During breeding seasons, it is estimated that male penguins lose about 15 kgs. This is because they do not eat anything so that they can pay full attention to the eggs and protect them. It takes two months of effort to protect the eggs from extremely cold weather. 


It is time we learn about nature and other beings that share the planet with us. With such knowledge, we will be able to preserve the environment and not harm the birds and animals around us. There are many types of big birds and a lot of them are already protected so that they do not become extinct. These birds are so big and are so heavy in weight that they cannot fly. They spend all their lives on land. Some of the big birds include ostrich, cassowary, and penguins.

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