Top 3 List Of All Pet Birds That You Can Take Into Account -

Top 3 List Of All Pet Birds That You Can Take Into Account

A colorful bird perched on top of a parrot

Having a bird as a pet was always a dream right? But getting the ideal one, perfectly matching with your habits and your home is something you need to determine first. So here are the top 3 list of all pet birds. Have a quick look at the list before making a visit to the pet store. So, here we go with-

Canaries Stands First In This List Of All Pet Birds

A bird sitting on top of a parrot

The canaries are amongst that choice of the winged companion who sets a unique standard with their singing quality. Their history starts from the canary island, which states that this bird ages up to 20 years, which is pretty good for a companion. They are perfect if you are planning or staying in an apartment. Weighs only 12-18 gms are very peace-loving in nature. They don’t talk, they can learn tricks, and you can cuddle with the species when you want to. 

These independent creatures are common in yellow color, however, if you are lucky you can also bring home the red-orange, white, pink, and other shades of brown. This bird often acts territorial, where the male tries to attract the female by singing. They are well on their own, hence do not require any maintenance of any extra sort.

LoveBirds Stands Second In Your List Of All Pet Birds

A close up of a bird

This species of birds are genuinely very preferable for the first-time owner, therefore are very popular amongst bird lovers. You can find, fischer’s, masked, and peached-faced love birds in the pet shops. Well, their origins go back to the lands of Africa and Madagascar. This species of birds also ages up to 20 years and is found in several colors. 

Just like the previous choice, this species also has the capacity to live with you in your apartment, however, they require daily maintenance to be well socialized. This curious species of birds are very energetic, and often finds their way inside large stuff and the males are more temperamental than the female. 

Third In The List Of All Pet Birds Is  The Pionus Parrot

The history of the species lands back in Central and South America where one could find, Blue-headed, Bronze Winged, Dusky, Maximillan’s, and White-Capped Pionus. However the most common to be found in the dark green which generally comes with a wide variety of bright poppy shades over its head. This one is great for the first-time owner and lives up to 35 and more years. 

These are peace-loving birds, hence very much suitable for quiet apartment life. You can teach the bird to talk, so with daily interaction, you can finally hear your bird speak. These are independent bird variety that loves spending time on their own and gets easily bonded with the whole family.

In Conclusion

These are the top 3 list of all pet birds that you can actually consider. However, you can also go for Electus, and Macaw along with Amazon. The top choices are great for first-time owners hence make sure to ask every possible question including their diet, their maintenance, and the play items to the pet shop executives. Rest assured, that you are going to enjoy quality time with the newest member of your family.

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