Three Common Types of Black Birds

types of black birds

There are numerous varieties of blackbirds available all around the globe. The most common in America include: Black-Crowned Cockatiel, Black-winged Papillons, Black-footed Bunting and Black-breasted Woodpeckers. In Asia, there are several other species. In Europe, you can find Black-cheeked Stilts, Black-crownedcollie, Black-winged Diligence, Black-legged Kits, Black-naped gull, Black-breasted Holland lark, etc. In Africa, you can find Black-chinned Slaty Egrets, Black-throated Condors, Black-eyed ducks, Black-winged Treewing, Black-winged treesuck, etc.

Various Other Types Of Black Birds

black bird

Apart, from their stunning beauty, various other types of black birds exist as well, which are generally not so common and well-known. These include: Fischer’s swallows, Egyptian oyster ducks, hooded plovers, white storks, and barnacles. Some of these birds also occur in the form of eggs.

Most of the African blackbirds are not that big, with the exception of the Fischer’s swallow, which can weigh up to 25 pounds. The most common of them are black crows, which can be found in a variety of sizes ranging from two to three feet long. These crows are typically green with darkish heads, gray upperparts, metallic chest and flanks, and red eyes. The tips of their beaks are red, while the belly is lemon yellow. The legs have orange feet, and the face has a black forehead, throat and breast.

The Average Flight Length Is 20 Feet

black bird

In comparison to other types of birds, these birds have longer flights, with the average flight length is 20 feet. They generally live in large trees in coastal areas, but prefer open fields and shrubbery. These birds love a wide variety of foods, including fruits, seeds, nuts, flowers, seeds, and insects. While some varieties of African blackbirds eat only certain types of food, others will eat any kind of food that they can find. They are easily fascinated by humans and can even hold on to items that they are trying to steal.

One of the most common birds in North America, the common raven, also known as the eastern gray cardinal, black-headed nuthatch, or blue-winged stork, lives mostly in the eastern part of the continent. They are small and vary in size from one to five inches in length, although the largest of them can reach nine inches. They generally fly at dusk and fly slowly, with a wingspan of about two and a half feet. They have black feathers in their black mask, and the black feathers look white in the upper parts of the head.

Looks Of The black-headed nuthatch 

The black-headed nuthatch has a black mask but does not have black feathers in it. Its beak and neck are yellowish orange in color, and it usually has red tips on its tail feathers. They like to feed on carrion, so they hunt along roads and trash fields. The black-headed common raven has a large population in the eastern U.S. The most popular spot for feeding is at dusk along a roadside overgrowth, because the birds can then all head south for the winter.

Bottom Line 

The last of the three common types of black birds is the American crow or ‘Western Blue Warbler’. This is a small and handsome bird with a plain black and white breast and gray upperparts, with a narrow yellow forehead and short stout black wings. It mostly sings for mates but does nest in gardens.

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