The Most Popular Animal Companion Parrots

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The friendliest pet birds are those that come from the family of songbirds or cockatiels. There are approximately 21 different species of cockatiels in the clade of birds Cacatua, and all cockatiels are part of the family of songbirds. Cockatiels currently rank as the fourth most common bird in the world, with the exception of penguins. They are also among the smallest birds in this group of birds and are probably the easiest to care for.

Parakeets And Starlings

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Parakeets and starlings are two of the friendliest pet birds; however, their relative size can make them difficult to take care of. Parakeets are small in size with short wings and clumsy beaks. Their legs are short and their beaks are large and unique. This species is also one of the least common species in the entire parrot family. A single male adult can number anywhere from three to five in length, similar to a robin. It is not uncommon for these birds to be found holding onto their nests, sometimes up to six times.

One of the friendliest pet birds is the zebra finch. This species is known for its friendly character and is easy to care for. These parrot pets are also relatively small in size, but have an amazing ability to regenerate wings after injury. They are also very friendly and are usually easy to tame.

Blue Titmouse

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Of the friendliest pet birds, the blue titmouse is the most likely to be found in pet stores. The average cockatiel reaches about 11 inches in length, but these birds can be found in all sizes from small to large. A blue titmouse can weigh anywhere from half a pound to two pounds, which is in the upper range for parrot species. These friendly birds typically live for two to five years, making them long-lived pets.

The friendliest pet birds can also be found in several other stores, but are probably the best pet bird species for most new owners. These birds can be found in all sizes and colors and are widely available. These friendly birds are among the easiest birds to care for and they make for some of the best pets around.

Friendliest Pet Birds

Some of the friendliest pet birds are found in online stores as well. There are a number of websites dedicated to parrot species and there are many online pet bird specialty shops that offer the best companion birds at affordable prices. If you search for the name of a particular pet bird online, you are more likely to find the friendliest pet birds at a good price than if you visit your local store.

Some of the friendliest pet birds are in the form of cockatiels. Cockatiels make for some of the friendliest pet birds around, especially if you consider the fact that they are highly intelligent and can mimic the sounds of speech. They can also be quite playful and energetic, although they tend to be shy animals. In terms of intelligence, cockatiels rank somewhere between parrots and birds of prey. They can learn to speak in a matter of days and can mimic the voices of people as well.

Final Words

Some other friendly animal companions include Lovebirds. Lovebirds are another favorite of pet owners because they can be trained to do tricks and even act as watchdogs. Pet owners enjoy learning how to teach their lovebirds tricks and lovebirds do it well. Because of their ability to bond with their owners, lovebirds make great companions and some even grow up to become parents. One word of caution about raising a Lovebird; they will generally only tolerate another Lovebird in their presence if the other Lovebird is treated well. So, if you are not planning on breeding Lovebirds, you might want to avoid them altogether.

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