The Most Intelligent Pet Birds -

The Most Intelligent Pet Birds

smartest pet birds

With so many different pet birds’ breeds, selecting the smartest pet birds can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of different species, making it nearly impossible to narrow it down to just one. However, you can find that one bird that is smarter, friendlier, and the most entertaining to have around with a little effort. For more information, check out intelligent birds – where they come from, how to train them, what they eat, and why they behave the way they do. It’s a fun and enlightening book that will help you make an informed choice and better understand your pet bird.


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Pet birds that are the smartest are the ones that live in captivity. Unlike wild birds that can learn to fly wherever they please, birds that live in captivity require a caring owner’s expertise. In the wild, birds need to go to the same location, eat the same food, watch the same weather, and watch for predators all the time. The Mynah, for instance, available as pets is the Hill Mynah, which is extremely friendly, lively, and would never be harmful to other birds. However, the Common Mynah is often considered a pest by other birds because it invades other wild birds’ territory for the sole purpose of picking bugs (it originally was introduced to help fight insects but later became invasive due to its vast population in the area).


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One of the smartest pet birds, according to several experts, is the canary. Cane canaries originated in Asia, but today canaries are found across most countries, particularly Central America. Unlike most canaries, however, the bright-colored canary is not suitable for a pet because they can become aggressive toward humans and other animals if let loose in the house. This makes them better suited to companion birds, like cockatiels and macaws. As companion birds, canaries can be very tame, though they can also be aggressive toward humans and other animals, especially cats.

African Grey Parrot

Perhaps one of the most intelligent pet birds, the African grey parrot, ranks near the top of the smartest pet birds’ list. The African grey parrot is a staple of pet bird owners because of its pleasant personality, high intelligence, and its ability to mimic many voices, including those of people. Unlike other parrots, the African grey parrot can mimic both children’s and adults’ voices, though this ability is only limited.


The brightest bird on the list of the brightest pet birds, the oriole, comes in at number twenty. These colorful birds have been bred with other indigenous avian species, including both eagles and ravens, to produce beautiful, vibrant birds that are often mistaken for owls. Because of their brilliant colors, the orioles are a favorite among bird owners, capturing their beautiful colors on paper and using them as accessories to their bird collection.


One of the oldest forms of parrots, the African grey parrots, originated hundreds of years ago, in what is now Tanzania. Originating from a large parrot called the affulus, the African grey parrots are closely related to the popular martin, props, and periwinkle. Though these birds do share some similarities, there are key differences that make the African greys smarter, happier, and more social than their cousins, including They can live up to 60 years if cared for properly, have greater stamina, have a longer lifespan than most other parrots, can eat nearly anything, and are the strongest and most flighty of all parrots.


Of all of the smartest pet birds, the Macaw, more accurately the purple-faced Macaw, may have the most distinct behavioral characteristics. Often mistaken for a bright-colored parrot, the African grey macaw is a highly social bird with strong bonds with its human companions. Studies show that the longer the human interacts with an African grey macaw, the more it will want to be with you. Though these parrots are normally not aggressive, they will when left alone and neglected.

Interestingly, the least social of all pet birds, the finch, are often the smartest. Although finches are typically thought of as beautiful, this is not always the case as they also have strong needs for attention and human companionship. Finches are highly intelligent birds and enjoy interacting with people, so if you are looking for a great pet bird that likes to be with you all day, the finch is the perfect choice for you. Though they tend to be quieter than other pet birds, finches are extremely lovi

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