The 3 Most Common Home Birds Types

home birds types

Understanding the different bird types is the first step to understanding your home environment. I’ve made a list of common types of birds that are commonly found in homes, so you can get a better idea about the type of bird you have living in your house. Take time and make note of what each type looks like, and where it’s most active in your area.

The First One Is The Window Finch

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This is a small bird that’s common in both outdoor and indoor bird houses. They tend to stay out of the main living area of your house, but if they do enter it they tend to roost up high in a tree branch or on the mantel or wall. For a great look, bring in a pet finch and watch the fun, flying fun! They’re great pets and very easy to care for.

Next is the House Finch. As the name suggests, these are typically found in bird houses. These are the larger fowl type birds and make great pets. They’ll roost high in trees or on the walls of bird houses.

Then there’s the House Martin. This is another great type of bird. These typically don’t have any vocal cords but will “talk” when given the opportunity. They’re great house pets, and a great addition to any bird lover’s home.

Then we have the House Mouse. Very small and cute, these adorable little guys are great for children. They’re very talkative and funny, and even “smell” when they want to! They like to nest in bird house frames and are common in urban areas.

Then there is the House Squirrel. These are larger types of fowl. Usually around 30 grams and with a body length of up to three inches. They have small wings, and can flap their wings very quickly. They are great as house pets, and you will need quite a bit space to accommodate one.

If you have an extremely large yard, then these might be a good choice for your bird home. They like to nest in large trees or in high branches of tall trees. They are extremely good climbers and foragers. You should keep them contained, however, because their little claws can easily get into and out of the nooks and crannies of a tree. These types of birds are not good for eating seeds or small insects.

All of these home birds types can be found at many retail outlets. Some specialty pet stores also carry them. You can also find them at many warehouse clubs, as well as online. When looking for a pet, it’s important to know the size and breed of the animal that you plan on bringing home. By researching this information, you can make a much more informed decision.


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There are many other types of home birds types that are not listed here. However, these are the three that are most common. Other types include the Grey-headed Parrot, the Australian Accented Feathers, and the Maine Coon. If you are interested in any of these birds, then you will be happy to know that you can buy them online. They are even available at your local pet stores if you do not find what you are looking for online.

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