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Macaw Facts Your Way To Success

Macaw Facts

There are several macaw facts and myths which are often mentioned. One of the most common myths is that they are birds of paradise but this is not true. Macaws are colorful, long-tailed birds, which are native to the Americas.

How To Clean A Macaw Cage

How To Clean A Macaw Cage

Here’s some tips that will guide you to the safe cleaning of a Macaw Cage.

How Many Types Of Macaws Are There?

A colorful bird perched on a tree branch

Macaw is a colorful and long-tailed parrot. These are the biggest of the pet birds and is one of the most famous pets – loved by everyone because of their vivid colors. They come in numerous sizes and colors..

Macaw: Facts, Diet And Habitat

Macaw: Facts, Diet And Habitat

In this article, we try to cover all the essential details about the macaw.

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