What Makes Bluebirds Special?

Bluebirds are one of the most favorite birds of gardeners. The main reason behind this is that these beautiful birds are insect eaters and keeps the garden clean and perfect. The red and blue plumage of bluebirds also makes them a beautiful sight. The bluebirds are mostly found in the Northern part of America. It is the member of genius Salia of the thrush family.

Know some interesting and fun facts about these beautiful bluebirds.

Bluebirds Were On Verge Of Leaving Northern America

Yes, you read it right. Bluebirds need a peculiar habitat to stay alive, and it was missed in America. Hence they started migrating to the other places of the world. This is why America came with a plan and started installing bluebird nest boxes. They came back to the country due to these nest boxes only. The nest boxes create a habitat that suits them and is perfect for their daily living.

Highly Territorial

Bluebirds are very territorial, and hence they prefer to build their nests in the cavities (similar to the ones that woodpeckers build). Although they are not strong to punch a hole in the tree and build a nest, they search for abandoned cavities and start building the nests. The female bluebird can build 3 to 8 eggs at once, and the female one stays in the nest to incubate them. Bringing food is the responsibility of male bluebird. The eggs usually take two weeks to hatch and after hatching the nestlings will open their eyes in 4 to 6 days. 

The chicks will be ready to leave the nest within 18-20 days of hatching. The lifespan of these birds is 6 to 10 years in the proper habitat.

Both genders guard the territory. The male bluebird protects the outer sides of the nest while female ones protect the nest only.

Bluebirds: Some Interesting Facts About It
Bluebirds: Some Interesting Facts About It

Commendable EyeSight

The bluebirds can recognize any caterpillars or insects in the tall grass from a long distance. They can spot the insects from over 50 yards. This is one of the commendable traits of a bluebird.


Bluebirds are fast. They can travel 17 miles per hour by flying. They migrate from one place to another pretty quickly.

Bluebirds: Some Interesting Facts About It

Invasive Sparrows Are Their Enemies

They have an enmity with the invasive sparrows. Usually, the common thing that these two bird species fight about it for nests. They don’t attack each other’s families at all, but they always fight about the nesting spaces.

focused photo of blue and brown bird on the stone

Bluebirds Eating Habits

You can usually spot these bluebirds eating insects. They are omnivorous and love eating different types of insects. Most of the gardeners own these birds not only because of their color but due to the effective insect control that they provide. When there were no pesticides, the farmers used to erect the bluebird houses in their fields. This proves how effective bluebirds were.

Apart from insects, they also consume berries, seeds, and wild fruits.

These are some of the fun facts about this fascinating bird. They are not only beautiful to look at, but they make a great productive pet.

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