Some Common Pet Birds List For Home -

Some Common Pet Birds List For Home

Pet Birds List

Depending on what you want, a pet bird may be the perfect pet for you. Birds need some care, of course, but not so much as other pets that you might have. Some of the best pet birds list that is the smaller variety, such as finches, parakeets, or canaries. However, they require a bit more attention to their climate and surroundings. They are essentially self-caring birds so long as they are fed and watered and cared for health-wise, and they tend to be pleasant companions.

The best pet bird for your purposes, if you have enough time to spend, will likely be one of the larger varieties species such as macaws or conures, parrots, or a cockatoo. However, these are larger varieties of birds, which are good companions. Apart from that, they are great at interacting and are super pets if you have the time to invest in them.

Pet Birds List For Beginner
Pet Birds List For Beginner

Pet Birds List: Parakeets

Over 25 percent of bird parents keep different types of parakeets as the breeds are very colorful and popular. There are dozens of the parakeet’s breeds, but the most popular breed is budgie or budgerigar. No doubt, these birds are silly and sweet with a big personality. However, the bird’s noise level is very low, and they don’t damage any furniture. The average life span of these birds has around 10 to 15 years. It definitely depends on the care, nutrition, and exercise. Budgies are very chatty and can pick up human voices. However, they need training for all of these. Hence, it is the best bird that you can keep at your home.


At 22 percent, cockatiels rank is behind the parakeets when it comes to the pets. However, the pint-size parrots belong to the cockatoo family. No doubt, they are much very much popular for the best parrot pets! You will need to buy a cage that is roomy enough to spread the wings of these birds. They are bigger from the parakeets, so choose the cage in which they feel comfortable. The average lifespan of this bird is 10 to 15 years. These birds are famous for the mimicry. However, you have to train them to mimic the sound, and they can speak words and phrases.

Pet Birds List: Canaries

Pet Birds List: Canaries
Pet Birds List: Canaries

The canaries are another type of pet bird that has the third-ranking. These good-natured, cheerful songsters require low-key TLC. However, you should keep your bird’s cage in the room where you can hang out. However, canaries are one of the best birds to have as a pet. Similar to the other, if the bird gets enough to care, nutrition, they can live around 10 to 15 years. Apart from that, they don’t need feathered companions. They can’t talk, but the male one can sing gorgeous songs.

Apart from these, there are lots of popular birds you can keep as a pet. Finches, lovebirds, parrotlets, caiques, small conures, large parakeets, lories & Lorikeets, Pionus parrots, etc. are the common list of pet birds.

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