Quietest Pet Birds for your Homes

A colorful bird perched on top of a parrot

There is a variety of bird species who will match with your lifestyle and home, you just need to choose the perfect one carefully which can meet your requirements. Always remember that there is no such thing as a silent bird. To have a song or vocal manner of communication is in a bird’s nature. Following birds are among the quieter species which can be kept as pets.


A small bird perched on top of an owl

Doves are known for their cooling and pleasant vocalizations. These are not noisy or attention seekers like parrots. A dove might be an excellent pick for the people who prefers an easy going bird. They do not scream or make loud noises like other birds. On the list of quiet avian birds, this bird ranks higher among others because they make such a gentle noise. The only problem is that as long as the bird is awake, the soft cooing rarely stops. Physical characteristics of a dove include black eyes and beak, black collar around neck, mutations include white, orange and pied, 11 to 13 inches size and 5 to 6 ounces.


A close up of a bird

Cockatiels are brilliant words. Most of the time they play with their favourite toys and when they hear any noise around them, they are supposed to try and mimic it. Cockatiels prefers to spend their time in learning how to whistle their favourite songs or pick up household’s noises. Some people find these capabilities endearing while some find them annoying. Physical characteristics of a cockatiel include grey body, orange cheeks, long tail, yellow face and chest, 12 to 13 inches size and 3 ounces weight.


Finches are tiny birds with little voices to match. For someone looking for a quiet, feathered bird which do not require much attention or maintenance and isn’t easily noticed, finches are the best choice. Zebra finches are the  most recommended ones because they are small, beautiful and requires low maintenance. Physical characteristics of a finch include red – orange beak, black and white throat bars, grey colour throughout the body with tiny 4 inches size and 0.4 ounce weight.


Canaries are beautiful, golden yellow birds and member of finch family. They don’t appreciate much attention, instead they appreciate being solitary. Canaries are known for their melodies but little size produces a small voice. Physical characteristics of a canary include bright yellow, red, orange or white feathers with 5 to 8 inches length and 0.5 ounce to 1 ounce weight.


Consider noise level and personality of a bird before selecting it. Before owning a bird, ensure that you are ready to take care of your bird by giving them the right amount if space to live and committing time for daily interactions.

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