Quail Birds Facts – Know Everything About Quail Birds

quail birds facts

Quail birds are one of the most beautiful birds you’ll ever see. The alpine white-necked variety are so common that they are easily recognizable. Of all the different types of birds indigenous to Australia, these quails have given the country its most popular name.

The common red-necked quail, also known as the black-necked quail or red-winged quail is actually a medium-sized ground-nest game bird in the pea bird family Phasianidae. It’s primarily not migratory but wintering on islands off the east coast of South America. They eat a variety of foods and are capable of running up to forty miles per hour. This makes them excellent hunters, being able to kill quite a few animals in a short amount of time.

The wader is what gives these birds their name. Like many other members of the same family, they have wings that cover their body. But unlike other members of this family, the wader is held in two folds by soft feathers at the outer edges of its wings. Unlike any other species of winged bird, this bird has its wings completely extended. While it’s called a wader, it’s really more of a flier.

An Overview

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Because of their rapidity of flight, quail birds are among the most fast-flying ones out there. The average distance they can fly is about thirty miles per hour. And their ability to dive and withstand high winds make them ideal deep-flight birds. Many species breed on islands, where they are particularly common and well known. However, there are nearly two dozen bird species found on the continent of Australia alone.

Quail are social animals. They live in flocks, with each flock holding territory. Each species also has its own unique way of moving about the colony, but they all move together in order to forage for food. As part of their courtship rituals, male quails call an alarm in all directions, announcing their location to any other male that might be listening.

Quail Birds Facts

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A lot of research has gone into the quail bird’s song. Originally, there were not even records of the bird’s song. In the early years of the species’ existence, many scholars noted that the males only ever performed one single kind of song.

With modern technology and the ability to capture video, anyone can learn all about the quail birds. For example, did you know that the male does not have a “sigh” as most people assume, but only uses his beak to “sing.” Females have two beaks. Also, the males and females do not fly with the same kind of purpose.

Quail birds are not picky about who they mate with. They will mate with as many females as their territory can support. If they are able to mate with more than one bird, they will also produce two or three offspring at one time. Their yearly migration is particularly large, so they have to travel long distances to return to their nests.

As mentioned above, males only sing when they are ready to. It is actually the females that disturb the males. This is because they are the only ones that can talk. They can be heard by the other birds, and they can also attract other quails to their nest area.

Bottom Line

Another quail birds fact is that these birds are extremely social with other birds in their area. They can form flocks and even families. A single male can establish a pecking order with other male birds if he finds a female with a mate. If he does not get his mate, he will start pecking at other birds’ eggs until another male shows up with a mate. The strongest male will then beat out the weak birds’ offspring to be with him.

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