Pet Birds For Beginners - How To Choose One -

Pet Birds For Beginners – How To Choose One

pet birds for beginners

If you are new to the world of pet birds, then it is likely that you need a little guidance before you start to introduce your pet to the other birds in your home. But before we get into the details of what a bird-lover can do for his bird, let me give you some background.

Personal Experience

A small bird sitting on top of a parrot

I have been a pet owner for over twenty years now, including having aquariums for years and having the pleasure of having several pet birds over that time. I am definitely not a true unicorn when it comes to caring for birds, but I still enjoy having other animals for fun and entertainment as well as pets for companionship.

For a beginner, the first thing that you should think about is finding the best suited pet bird for him. In my experience, this involves more than the availability of feeders, bird baths, toys, etc. because they should be the best match for your lifestyle, mood, age, and your pet’s personality.

Choosing Right Pet

A small bird sitting on top of a parrot

I would recommend that you keep the information in mind and take a good idea of what kind of bird you want as your pet, whether it be a parrot, cockatoo, or finch. Once you have done this, you should know whether you are a bird-lover or simply an admirer. After you have chosen a pet bird, you should now be ready to introduce it to his new home.

Introduce your pet to his surroundings gradually. Start by adding your own birds and make them familiar with yours by putting them in their cage. If you have a bird that you have bred, then this will give him a sense of belonging.

Introduce your bird to the other birds in the house slowly and without fear. It is easy to get a bird scared by being placed in unfamiliar surroundings, so introducing him slowly is advisable.

Keeping Them Secure

Introduce new birds to your bird room after they have settled down to their new place, so they will feel secure around you and the other birds in the room. Also, if you have other species of birds that you are fond of, then you can introduce them to the one you prefer and gradually increase the time that they spend together until they form a comfortable pair.

Keep changing the environment of the cage and your pet so that he will gradually become accustomed to the changes that take place. Over time, your pet bird will feel comfortable with you and your home and you will also feel comfortable with him as they become used to your presence. Eventually, it will become second nature for your bird.

Last Words

Keep in mind that birds are social animals and should live in an environment where there is interaction. The more they have fun with other people, the happier they are, which is why you should always try to make them feel comfortable and secure and do not leave them alone with the door open all the time. They need constant attention, but you need to give them enough time to adjust to the new situation.

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