Parrot Cage Options For Large Pet Birds -

Parrot Cage Options For Large Pet Birds

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A lot of people these days are starting to buy large pet birds for their homes and their pets. The Zeny Bird Cage has become a popular choice. These large pet birds come in many different varieties including the Macaw. These large pet birds need large areas of space to be able to spread out and exercise, to be able to live a long and healthy life, and to be able to nest.

Key Features To Consider

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If you have decided to get one of the large pet birds, there are some key features you should consider to make sure that it’s the right pet for you and your family. The Zeny Bird Cage has a large cage with a 53 inch pet space to play, feed, and sleep in. It’s made out of wrought iron; you’ll find that it will last for years. It’s designed for medium to large free-flying birds such as cockatiels, parakeet, and macaw.

This is an all-steel design that offers many different configurations. It includes an open rear side panel that opens up for ventilation. In addition to having large pet birds living in this cage, it also provides a platform for you to train your bird’s on. There are several key features to the Zeny cage that make it the perfect choice for large pet birds.

One great feature that this cage offers is the large side windows that allow you to see the activity going on around the cage. If your large pet birds aren’t able to leave the cage, they will be able to watch everything going on. The large windows also provide lots of light, making it a good place for you to feed your pet birds. The Parrot Zik Wireless Cloth Window allows you to use these windows without wires – a big advantage when you have pets that like to scratch.

Features Of The Zeny Cage

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The Zeny Cage also offers additional features for those who love watching their large pet birds in the wild. There are two different sized bars for feeding the birds. There is also a large top bar that gives the birds a place to root when they are relaxing on their perch. These bars are made out of nylon, making it durable and resistant to fraying – important for large birds. It also provides plenty of window space for the birds to watch the activity around the cage.

Designed With The Safety Of Your Pet

The Parrot Zik Wireless Cloth Window and Power Connector are designed with the safety of your pet in mind. With the large doors included, you can have access to the bird’s water dishes through larger doors, especially if you have multiple pets. The power supply plug and the water dishes are also easily reached. There are no wires to connect and there are no dangers of shock or electrocution for the birds, making it the safest piece of equipment for large pets.

If you want to give your birds a safe, high-end location to live, the Parrot Zik PetSafe Plus Birdcages and Parrot Zik Wireless Cloth Window come highly recommended. They are large enough to give your parrot’s a higher ceiling that gives them the height they need to be safe from predators. No matter what type of bird you have – large pet birds, smaller birds, or birds that tend to eat a lot, there will be an accessory that will work best for them. The Parrot Zik cages and accessories have been designed for the utmost safety and comfort for your pets.


If you have larger pets – perhaps two birds, you may want to consider the Parrot Zik Super Flyer Cage and Parrot Zik Wire Mesh Birdcage. You can keep two large birds in this cage at once because of the wide spaces between the mesh bars. This is perfect for your parrot’s natural instinct to fly. This pet wire is woven so that your pet cannot pierce the bars, but it is not completely enclosed. There are openings on the sides of the cage so that you and your bird can get some fresh air and water dishes. You can purchase these items separately.

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