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Ornithology: Learn More About This Fascinating Field

It is a branch of science that deals with the study of birds. The word ornithology comes from the Latin phrase ornithologia, meaning bird science. It includes a deep history and research.

History Of Ornithology

The relationship between human and birds is from ancient times. The stone age drawing indicates deep relationships between humans and birds. They are a significant source of food in the early ages. Humans are performing Poultry Farming from old ages all across the world. The Aristotle firstly noticed the essential habits of the birds like migration, molting, egg-laying, life spans in 350 BC.

Ornithology: The Bird Science


The techniques and the technology that deals with the study of ornithology changes frequently over time. Some methods are used in the field while others required the labs. Some techniques require both the lab and the field for the analysis.

Bird banding can be very helpful to gain knowledge about longevity and the movement of birds. This technique comes into existence in the nineteenth century. Many countries use this system by providing them with leg bands. This help to record their daily movements with the help of radars and the transmitters. These pieces of equipment support for the in-depth study of birds.


The modern-day study of birds starts with the collection of eggs. This practice is called as oology. With the enhanced techniques and tools, the method of eggs is not practiced anymore. The standard ornithology makes use of the bird skin and feathers etc. The specimens can be preserved by using spirits. The freeze-drying technique will preserve the stomach elements of the birds.

Collaborative Studies

In recent years, humans have developed an interest in the different species of birds. It led to different nationwide projects such as the North America Breeding Bird Survey and other worldwide projects. These projects help to study the population of birds in different regions of the world. It also helps to identify migration of the birds, density across the globe and the Breeding seasonality of different birds. Hence, the results of these projects will play a major role in developing this science.

Ornithology: The Bird Science

Applications Of Ornithology

Some birds act as pests and play a crucial role in the agriculture sector. The studies are used to make the use of birds in different fields. Some birds carry disease with them at the time of migration. Some of the species of birds are endangered due to human activities. The density of the birds often indicates ecological health. Ornithologists study the behavior of birds, and they try to conserve the different species of them.

white and black bird fetched on black outboard motor

Study Of Human Past

Humans have utilized animals and nature for their personal use. The study of the birds can help to clear many of the old age facts. It helps us to study the environmental changes from then till now. We are using the birds as a resource from the earlier ages. We can research and identify the structure and migration of birds in the past. Also, this shows how the evolution of the birds takes place as per the environmental conditions.

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