Macaw: Facts, Diet And Habitat -

Macaw: Facts, Diet And Habitat

Macaw: Facts, Diet And Habitat

The Macaws are the colorful and beautiful species of the new world parrots. They belong to the class Aves and Family Psittacidae. These birds have different sizes ranging from 12 to 40 inches. They have long tails and larger beaks as compared to the parrots. One of the crucial characteristics of these birds is that each Macaw has a unique facial pattern.

Natural Habitat

They are natives of Mexico, Central, and South America. Some species of the macaws found in the Caribbean regions are now extinct. They can live in grasslands and rainforests. Some of the species of macaws are endangered now. Three critically endangered species of macaws are blue-throated macaws, Spix’s macaws, and the glaucous macaws.  The female macaws lay up to three eggs.

Macaw: Facts, Diet And Habitat
Macaw: Facts, Diet And Habitat

Macaw – Personality And Behavior

As we all know that macaws are big birds. Even the smallest of the macaws are large. But they are friendly and loving birds if they are trained correctly. They love to play with toys and chew the items made of wood. They are intelligent birds and can be well-socialized. Thus, they can be good pets.

They have massive vocals and loud voices. The Macaw can also mimic human sounds like other parrots if they are trained. They can also learn whistle and talk.

Interesting Facts About Macaw

Hyacinth, green-winged, and Buffon’s are the largest macaw known today. The red-shouldered macaws are the smallest ones. They have the same size as the parakeets. The first and the fourth toe of them is pointing backward, which can also be observed in parrots, woodpeckers, and toucans.

Most giant Parrots: There are many different species of parrots known today. Among them, Macaws are the giant of all parrots. Their weight varies between 2 and 4 pounds. The Hyacinth macaws can be nearly three and a half inches long. Also, they have an excellent wingspan.

Different Varieties: They are the large parrot doesn’t mean that they do not show variety in their sizes. They also show a variety of sizes and shapes. Apart from the dimensions, all of their species show some common traits as well. Their skin has bare rings near eyes portion.

Macaw: Facts, Diet And Habitat
Macaw: Facts, Diet And Habitat

Long Lifespan: The average lifespan of some macaws is 60 years which is uncommon in many birds. Even some of them recorded to live for more than 80 years. Therefore, adopting a macaw requires special attention.

Strong and Sharp Beaks: Hyacinth macaws have enough strength in their beaks so that they can crack the hard substances like the coconut shell. The other types of macaws also have impressive bills. It makes them messy eaters.

Diet And Care

Some of the species of the macaws are favorites as pet birds. They need a tall and spacious cage because of their long tails. The tail feathers must not get a bend in the cage. The macaws generally eat fruits, seeds, vegetables, nuts, and leaves in their natural habitats. They require more fat as compared to the regular species of parrots. It requires excellent and individual attention from the owner.

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