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Learn about the Species of Blue Birds

A colorful bird perched on top of a parrot

You don’t have to be an ornithology enthusiast to love birds. These beautiful beings that fly to the greatest of heights are some people’s hobbies. Their unique knowledge in always finding their way home is a miracle and mystery at the same time. Bird watching has been growing to be one of the most satisfying hobbies. Taking long breaks to travel and locate rare birds has become a new trend.

Especially, in today’s time with climate change becoming more threatening by the day a search for rare birds and saving them is in progress. Finding rare birds is an art. It requires patience and a lot of effort. And finding bluebirds with them considerably rare is a special talent. Here are some of the bluebird species and details about them for you to search for in your next expedition.

Asian Fairy Bluebirds

A bird sitting on top of a parrot

These Asian fairy bluebirds hail from the Irena puella species. They are medium-sized bluebirds found in the tropical areas of South Asia. People in the Tagalog region consider these birds sacred according to their culture. They are also found in Sri Lanka. The breeding time for this species ranges between February and April. They eat fruits and are found in deciduous and humid climatic conditions. With the help of the latter description, it is easy to say they are found in the thickets of deep forests. They have pink eyelids and the wing coverts are comparatively lesser. They are arboreal.

Siberian Blue Robin

A small bird perched on a tree branch

The Siberian blue robin is identified with the Larvivora cyane species. They are migratory birds found in the regions of Siberia and Northern Mongolia. They can also be found in the Northern parts of China, Jan and Korea covering the eastern portions. The breeding male bluebirds can be easily identified with a blue upper body and a white lower body. They breed in high coniferous trees.

The Nilgiri Flycatcher

Nigiri flycatchers are bluebirds from the Euyias albicaudatus species. The forehead portion of the birds is found to have tinges of violet. Along with the stretchy lateral feather, they have tail feathers. They are majorly found in the spots of south India. Along the ranges of Nilgiris and the Annamalai ranges, they are often spotted in abundance. Also found in the Brahmagiris and Palnis ranges, these flycatchers feed on insects. The breeding season for these birds ranges between March and June. They develop nests for the breeding season that are cup-like in structure. They are formed from mosses and sometimes with lichens.

Indochinese Blue Flycatcher

This bluebird is identified to be from the species Cyornis sumatrensis. These chordates are predominantly found in the regions of Myanmar especially in the south. Also found in the Malay Peninsula and the regions of Sumatra, these are pretty rare to locate. The birds are found to have variations in the size and structure of their plumage.


It is to be noted that these bluebirds were for a certain period of time endangered. Recent attention to this species has helped in increasing its population. With the growing climate change and pollution threat, these beautiful creatures have to be protected and saved. Join along with fellow birdwatchers and grow this art to create awareness regarding the situation and save them!

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