Interesting Facts About Parrot -

Interesting Facts About Parrot

Interesting Facts About Parrot

The Parrots are the intelligent birds which generally arise from warm environment regions.  Very few species are exceptions like Kea Parrot which lives in cold habitat. They belong to class Aves in the kingdom Animalia. Their order and family of parrots is Psittaciformes and Psittacidae, respectively. There are around 390 species of parrots known today. They are found in different colors and varieties.

Earlier, the birds having the curved beak are classified as parrots. Therefore, they are also known as Hookbills. They have strong legs with zygodactyl feet. All of their species lay eggs. This clarifies that they are not mammals.

Interesting Facts About Parrot
Interesting Facts About Parrot

Unique Characteristics Of Parrot

One of the crucial traits of parrots is their beak. They can use it almost like the hand. It helps them to hold things, climb, and eat. Some of their species have the ability to imitate the voice of humans. It increases their demand as pet birds. They have a long life span compared to other birds. It means that adding parrot as a pet in your family can give you a family member for a long time.

Parrot has a larger field of vision because of the position of their eyes. They are present laterally. Also, at a particular time, the feathers start to shed. New quills grow in place of old ones.

Parrot: Behavior And Personality

All of them show different reaction as they all are different personalities. Though some species show general behavior and practices. It doesn’t mean that all parrots in the species behave the same. It depends on the individual to individual. Their behavior also changes with age. The older ones sometimes turn to be arrogant. The younger ones become aggressive and excited in the breeding season.

Interesting Facts About Parrot
Interesting Facts About Parrot

Classification Of Parrots

There are four categories for the classification of companion birds. These are Social, somewhat social, highly social & hands-off. Most of the species of parrots fall in the social category of classification. The African greys species in them belong to the highly social group. There is no parrot in hats off category. They are in the social category doesn’t mean that they do not require any attention. As already said, their behavior may vary individual to individual.

Diet And Care

The Parrots require a cage in which they can freely spread their wings. The species having a long tail must be provided with an enclosure that is tall enough for them. They needed a clean environment. Therefore, the basic cage things like papers and other items must be cleaned daily. The deep cleaning of the cage can be scheduled once in a week. There is now a variety of tools available for deep cleaning. Provide them a bath from time to time.

They always enjoy eating food. This proves them to be messy. They eat fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and nectar. Most of them are omnivores. They should be provided with a balanced diet for proper growth and grooming. The food and nutrition may vary from species to species. The Lory parrots mostly prefer to eat the nectar.

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