Interesting Facts About American Robin

Interesting Facts About American Robin

The robin bird is a member of the family thrush. The scientific name of the American robin is Turdus migratorius. It is a familiar songbird in the United States. This bird is known for having a reddish-orange chest.

gray and brown American robin perched on green leaf selective focus photography

Unknown Traits About Robin

Both male and female robins have similar looks. However, the male robins look brighter than the females. These birds have seven subspecies. The feather colors also depend on various geographic factors. The birds that belong to the same family of robins are fieldfares, bluebirds, and Eurasian blackbirds. People think that robins are spring birds. Though one can find them all year round.

Interesting Facts About American Robin

They can fly with a speed of 20 to 35 miles an hour. The rate may vary according to the weather condition. During the time of migration, they fly at higher speeds. The population of these birds is nearly 310 million. Hence, they are the most common backyard bird in America.


The American robins are generally omnivores. It feeds on animals as well as plant species. They like to eat a variety of berries and fruits. These birds often eat small insects like spiders, caterpillars, and earthworms. Occasionally they eat some of the nuts and seeds. These birds usually like mealworms as snacks in the backyard. In the winter season, the population of the insects gets very low. Hence, they mostly eat berries and fruits in this season.

Interesting Facts About American Robin

Eyesight And Hearing Capability

It has a keen vision and eyesight. They can even notice the small disturbance in the soil, and that’s how they find the worms. Their hearing capabilities are also exceptional as compared to the other creatures.

Vocal Behavior

The American Robins is mostly observed to sing continuously. Their song is often repeated with some pauses in between. Their style of singing varies at different times of the day. These birds have unclear notes in their songs. These birds also sing when some storm approaches.

American Robin: Nesting Habits

They generally form their nest in a dense bush 2-4 m above the ground. The female ones alone make the nest. It is generally made of grass, papers, and feathers. For each brood, a new nest will be formed. The American robins can also make the nests near human homes.


Their breeding season generally starts in April and ends in July. Usually, the American robin has two to three broods in the breeding season. The average lifespan of a robin is around 5 to 6 years only. However, some of the wild robins can live up to 13 years. The female robin can lay 3 to 5 eggs. The color of the eggs is somewhat blue. It is because the female contains the bile pigment in their blood. These blue eggs hatch after 14 days. The parents feed their children with worms, seeds, and fruits. After the two weeks, the chick leaves the nest. Then they learn to fly and other activities. The parent birds clean all the waste from the nests from time to time.

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