How To Identify Agapornis Or Love Birds -

How To Identify Agapornis Or Love Birds

Agapornis: Some Interesting Things About It

Agapornis are also referred to as love birds. It is known that these birds are inseparable. These native African species are so beautiful and amazing that they make everyone fall in love with them. These are social birds, and there are so many people out there who fall in love with these birds. Continue reading to know more about them as well as how to take care of these birds and what are the things that you have to do to ensure that they are safe and happy. I am pretty sure that if you are a bird or parrot lover, then this article is going to help you a lot.

two green-and-red birds

Origin And Types Of Agapornis

The origin of Agapornis is Africa. They belong to the family of birds, and you can see them in various parts of the African continent. The word Agapornis is derived from the Greek language. Agape means affection and ornis mean bird- hence, it has become the bird of love. These birds move and stay as a couple for their lifetime. You cannot separate them from one another, and you need to remember that these Agapornis are very social. They mingle with people pretty quickly, and you will enjoy their company a lot. These birds cuddle and feather each other a lot, and they are just pretty sweet.

If you are planning on giving your partner something, then Agapornis can be a great choice. In total there are nine species of Agapornis, and only one of them is pretty standard- Agapornis Roseicollis. These birds have green feathers and a red face. Agapornis Personate is the second most famous birds that you will usually see out there.

Agapornis: Things You Need To Know About It

Characteristics Of Love Birds

The best thing about these love birds is their ability to socialize with both birds and humans alike. Yes, they are very friendly and cute too. They are very expressive and they can express what they feel pretty quickly. Be it happy, sad, irritating or any other kind of mood, these birds show them pretty quickly.

The average life expectancy of these birds is 12 years, but if you take proper care of them, they can last till 15 years utmost. So many people ask how to identify which bird is male and which one is female in this couple, the male birds are usually smaller than the female ones and this is the only way to differentiate them. You can find a female head in a round shape when compared to male ones.

Agapornis: Things You Need To Know About It

Cage And Care

The cages should be big and should accommodate an option for the birds to fly around. Do not go for any round shaped cages; the square ones are going to be the perfect ones for these birds. Ensure that the cage is clean from time to time. Keep a lower rack for food and once the birds are done with the food, remove it. These are some of the essential things that you have to learn about Agapornis. They are the cutest birds that you see, and their social skills are amazing.

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