How Many Types Of Macaws Are There?

A colorful bird perched on a tree branch

Macaw is a colorful and long-tailed parrot. These are the biggest of the pet birds and is one of the most famous pets – loved by everyone because of their vivid colors. They come in numerous sizes and colors.

At present, the species is in danger due to habitat loss and environmental changes. These beauties are also intelligent and can figure out how to talk and even learn tricks pretty quickly. You can instruct them to dance, wave, play dead, as well as somersault. They additionally love to chew, so you should supply them with a ton of toys.

Below we’ve listed a few mainstream macaws.

Scarlet Macaw

Macaw: Understand Its Types
Macaw: Understand Its Types

Scarlet Macaws reside in tropical woods from eastern Mexico to the Peruvian Amazon as well as Brazil. These splendidly hued birds rely on fruit diets. They are highly smart, macaws mate forever, and can survive till 70 years of age.

Blue-Throated Macaws

The blue-throated macaw is a species of macaw that is endemic to Los Llanos de Moxos, a little zone in north-focal Bolivia. The blue-throated macaws are viewed as one of Bolivia’s cultural legacy. Because of the very limited scope of this species and a few hundred of population, it is right now assigned as a critically endangered bird. The illicit pet trade is viewed as the fundamental reason behind the downfall of this macaw species.

Golden-Collared Macaw

They are otherwise called the Yellow Collared Macaws. This species of macaws bird are genuinely common. These usually are found in the lowlands. They can grow up to 15 inches tall and weigh around 0.55 lbs. The eye-pleasing golden color in their neckline forms with age.

shallow focus photography of orange parrot

Chestnut-Fronted Macaws

They are likewise known as Severe Macaws. These are one of the bigger in mini macaws type. They weigh around 1.4 – 1.9 lbs, are 18 – 20 inches tall and have a chestnut shaded forehead.

They will, in general, be aggressive during puberty age.

Caloshua Macaw

The Caloshua Macaws are the hybrid cross between a hyacinth macaw and blue and gold macaw. It is a graceful bluebird with blue-greens on its head and the golds of the blue and gold macaws on its underneath. A full-sized caloshua macaws can get more than 2 lbs and up to 42 inches in height.

This bird will be a well-natured pet when well socialized during its growing years.

Greenwing Macaws

The greenwing macaws have sweet behavior and react well to training. They’ll require time and attention to bond with their masters yet will flourish in a supportive atmosphere.

So, in case you’re thinking about keeping this species as a pet, don’t assume to leave it alone for a significant amount of time. This species needs prominent social interaction.

Blue-and-Yellow Macaw

Macaw: Understand Its Types
Macaw: Understand Its Types

The blue-and-yellow macaws are the lively birds with yellow underparts and blue top parts. These species can be seen in the timberlands and forests of tropical South America.

This type of macaw bird is very mainstream among bird lovers and tourists alike because of their striking shade, talking skills, and close bonding nature with people.

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