Fun Facts About Finch That You Didn’t Know

Fun Facts About Finch

Finches are the small-sized feathered birds. Many species of the Finch family are kept as pets because of their friendly behavior. They can be a perfect solution for the owners who want a pet bird, but they are not able to fulfill the demands of the parrots. These birds cannot talk like parrots. Still, they can interact with the owner. The Finches belongs to the Fringillidae family and the order Passeriformes.

Natural Habitat

They are found in different parts of the world. America, Africa, and Eurasia have a good population of Finches. Australia and New Zealand have a proper distribution of some of the European species. They are mostly found near the well-wooded areas, but some species have observed in the mountains and deserts as well.

Fun Facts About Finch
Fun Facts About Finch

Finch – Behavior And Personality

The Finches are very famous as pet birds because of their socially interactive nature. These are known to be the hands-off birds. Some species are well known for their beautiful coloration. The person having close neighbors and the sound-sensitive ones can choose them as a pet because they do not make loud voices like parrots. The males usually make peep and meep sounds. They communicate with one another to spend most of the time in the day. These birds do not create much noise, and the sound and voice made by them will not go outside their room. Most of the owners of these pet birds like their sweet voice.

Diet And Care

These birds can eat a variety of vegetables and fruits along with some small insects. They also enjoy drinking nectar. The finches eat different small insects in the wild. They make the basket-shaped nests mostly on the trees. There is very less chance of making a nest between rocks or bushes.

Provide the horizontal cage to these beautiful pet birds. Try to give them a balanced diet in the cage. Clean the cage regularly to ensure their safety.  Give them enough time for the flight in a safe environment. You can easily keep them in pairs. The finch pair (male and females) can produce offspring if they are given appropriate nesting material. Kindly consult an expert before different species finches in the same cage.

Fun Facts About Finch

Finch: Some Unknown Facts

The finches have an attractive look and small size. It makes them one of the popular companions. Also, they are very quiet as compared to parrots or parakeets. Here are some more facts about them.

Finches are softbills or not: Many people say that these birds are softbills. But the experts say that they can use their bills to eat seeds and insects. Therefore, they are not exactly softbills. Hence, this debate does not seem to end quickly.

yellow bird on tree branch

Finches do not like regular human touch: These birds do not like frequent human touching. The other companion birds such as parrots must be handled every day. But these birds are exceptions. It is always recommended to touch the Finch only when it is required. Unnecessary handling can make the mood of the bird very depressing.

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