Friendliest Pet Birds - Learn The Basics Of Helping Pet Birds -

Friendliest Pet Birds – Learn The Basics Of Helping Pet Birds

A small bird sitting on top of a parrot

A wonderful addition to any home is birds. Not only are they entertaining, but they can also be trained to do certain tricks, talk, sing, and more. However, when it comes to choosing the birds to keep as pets, people do not have many options. The main question which arises in their mind while purchasing is which bird family they should go for. The friendliest pet birds are the first choice of any person who is looking forward to adopting birds as their pet. Different species of birds have different behaviors and different sizes. Parrot is one of the widely chosen pet birds. 

Friendliest Pet Birds – Cockatiel

A colorful bird perched on top of a parrot

The cockatiel is one of the friendliest pet birds that exist. These birds are native to Australia and are probably the first choice for people when it comes to adopting birds. The best time to adopt these birds is when they are babies. This is because they learn fast and are easier to train as compared to adult cockatiels. Also, in case someone is looking forward to adapting adult cockatiels, they should make sure to choose the ones that have been raised in a calm and positive environment. Unfortunately, if someone is looking for a pet bird that could talk, a cockatiel is not the best choice for them. However, they can learn to whistle and can mimic certain noises like microwaves, telephones, or doorbells. 

Friendliest Pet Birds – Budgerigar

A close up of a bird

Budgerigars are often called budgies or parakeets. Parakeets are one of the most popular and  friendliest pet birds that a lot of people adopt because they can easily be tamed and taken care of. These birds are known to be very affectionate and friendly. Also, they are very small and low maintenance birds and hence anyone can adopt them. In fact, these are some of the best choices for busy pet owners as well as owners who live in apartments. 

Friendliest Pet Birds – Dove 

Dove is one of the numerous choices that come to the mind of people when it comes to adopting the friendliest pet birds. These birds are easy to domesticate and are one of the calmest, gentle, and sweet bird species. It is very rare to see a dove bite or show aggression to the owners.  All the more, it is very easy to train doves as they are good at obeying their owners. They love to get attention from their owners. However, doves do not like getting a lot of attention, unlike other birds. 


We hope the list and the details we have here gives you a basic idea of how to handle pet birds. One of the many hobbies of people is to adopt the friendliest pet birds so that they can have company during the times when they have no one. It is very obvious that people wouldn’t want to keep birds that bite. There are a lot of bird species available for them to adopt but there are only a few of them that are the friendliest. 

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