Different Types of Birds – A Fascination For All Bird Species

A close up of a duck

Here’s the long list of the best different types of birds including many exotic species. This is a good starting point for finding the perfect type of bird for you. All varieties of birds can be found in this group.


A small bird perched on a tree branch

These birds come in various colors. It is difficult to distinguish between various types of sparrows because they all belong to the same family. These are small birds with pointed wings and tiny long legs. They have long heads with droopy eyes and short stout bills. The common types of sparrows are the black-necked, white-throated, barn owl, grey-headed, red-winged, flicker, harlequin, blue-winged, purple-winged, black-crowned, cinnamon-winged, yellow-crowned, blue-winged, snow-shorn, house sparrow, common sparrows, white-crowned, black-crowned, rock-winged, gold-crowned, purple-crowned, house sparrow, purple-winged, blue-winged, black-crowned, etc.


This kind of sparrow or otherwise known as black-cheeked woodpecker has long and straight beak, gray body and legs, yellowish throat. In winter it has white chest and belly, orange-red abdomen, and white chest and face. During spring time this kind of bird has dull head, brown upperparts, white breast, yellowish legs, and upper parts which are red. The bird name is crow-barrel.


A flock of seagulls flying in the air

This type of birds is small in size and has blunt beak, yellow bill, white belly, gray upperparts, and gray and black line along its back. In winter time it has molt process and gray upperparts. Its head is bright orange and its body is black with two white line that runs along its back. The common bird names are blue-dove, blue-winged, golden-yellow, white-crowned, plain-colored, etc. The last one is a rare species.


This is a common type of sparrow or any other winged birds found in North America. They are smaller in size than their counterparts like the duck and crow. Their scientific name is barn owl. Their head is orange-red with various dark dots on it. Its body is white with various dark spots. Its neck is black as compared to the crow’s.


This is a common type of sparrow or any other winged birds commonly found in North America. They are small in size and have dull green upperparts. They have yellowish belly, gray upperparts, gray and blackish line along their back. Its eye is a light green and its beak is a bit smaller. The common name of this species is common flier.

All these species of winged creatures belong to family of songbirds. Each member of this family has different features, coloration, call, and manner of flight. All these features and traits make them unique and allow them to survive in different kind of habitats. As said above, each of these birds belong to different types of species, so you have to know their characteristics so you will know which type of species you are going to encounter.


This species is also known by scientific name called Creithornis. It is a small-sized, red and green bird. It has bright-colored wings with dark spots on it. It has small pointed ears, and its beak is long and sharp. Its parents are called Barnacles albiflora.


This is another small-sized, red and green flightless bird species. Its scientific name is Chelomyx jonesi. It belongs to phalangean group of fliers. It is seen best when it is alone because it is a very social bird. It nests on the ground and eats seeds.


This is another large, winged, and brightly colored bird that is distinctly different from other species of birds. Its scientific name is Phalacrus eschrichardi. It is a common visitor to parks and backyards because of its beautiful colors and beautiful beaks and feet. It usually feeds on seeds.


These types of birds are usually found in trash bins. You will find several of them in large feeders. They have thick beaks, large and round eyes, and pointed wings. They can be identified by their yellow and brown color and their song.

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