Conure Facts You Didn’t Know About

Essential Facts About Conure You Must Know

Conures are the medium-sized parrots. These birds originate from South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands. They can also be considered as large Parakeets. Some of the popular species of conure are blue-crowned conures, nanday conures, jenday conures, and sun conures. These beautiful birds are fun-loving. They have a friendly and charming nature. Therefore, these birds can be recognized as a good companion bird. Currently, there are many species and subspecies of these birds. Consequently, they form one of the groups of most varied parrots.

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Unique Traits About Conure

These birds have some characteristics which make them unique. The Green-cheeked and black-capped conures are the smallest species of conures known today. Their size is around 8 inches. The largest conures are the Patagonian conures. Their average size is approximately 18 inches. The conure has very fewer feathers around its eyes. This property is known as eye-ring. These birds have different colors, and their beautiful color is often compared with macaws. They are native to the southern regions of America.

Essential Facts About Conure You Must Know

The average lifespan of conures is around 20 to 25 years. They can live for 30 years or more if they are handled with care. Because of their beautiful looks and small size, these birds are popular pets in most parts of the world.

Personality And Behavior

They are interactive and beautiful birds. These birds love to cuddle and are very active and playful. They do not mind human touch. Hence, they can be good pets for families with small children. Their talking quality is not like parrots but, they can learn very few words. It doesn’t mean that they are not intelligent. They can even learn to shake hands and more interactive activities with humans. These activities and personality traits make them the right pet for their families.

Conure: Care And Feeding

Conure birds enjoy eating food. They must be given different varieties of foods. The foods that contain sugar, alcohol, chocolate, and salts must be avoided. Their dietary needs may vary for different species. Feed them with seeds occasionally. Their cage must have enough space to accommodate food items and toys. They also like to spend their time outside the cage. Give them time so that they can be more sociable. Provide them a bath with shower or using a spray bath. They love to bath regularly. Provide them clean water daily and change the basic things of the cage from time to time. Change the torn and damaged toys in the cage timely.

Essential Facts About Conure You Must Know

Health Problems And Challenges

They are often quiet birds compared to parrots. But they have louder voices. The person living with nearby neighbors can get some serious issues. These birds often screech when it wants attention. Give them toys to make them shout less. These birds start to pluck their feathers in several cases. The boredom might be the reason behind this activity. Do not provide them the toys made of harmful items. Give these birds enough time to play and exercise. Try to take them to the veterinarian regularly for health checkups.

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