Borne Out of Africa Now a Special Bird to the Philippines -

Borne Out of Africa Now a Special Bird to the Philippines

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The Philippines has a number of birds species that are seen in the wild. Of course, you will also see birds of the ocean as well. It is a place with many variations in terms of climate, kind of land mass and habitats.

The Bornean Clouded Leopard is a beautiful cat-like predator that is seen primarily in the mountains of Borneo. The Bornean Clouded Leopard has bright red fur and a white belly that are covered in black spots. It has black legs covered with black pads. Its head is large, droopy and short like that of the Snow Leopard.

Top Species

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The Loggerhead sea turtle is another interesting and popular bird species in the Philippines. A good example of a marine turtle is that of the Leatherback. It is a member of the family of sea turtles. It is a small sized, soft bodied, egg laying creature that is seen mostly in the coastal areas of Borneo.

Of course, there are other birds that are found in the different parts of the Philippines. One such species is the Philippine Eagle. Another is the Keyflower. There are a lot more of these species that can be seen on the islands of the Philippines.

Bird watching is a very popular activity that the people of the Philippines do on a daily basis. They also take time to watch birds through binoculars. These birds are considered to be a part of nature in the Philippines. One of the most common birds that they watch are the Philippine Eagle. They also call it the White-Lipped Bushwack. It is actually rare species.

Famous Ones

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The masked lovebird is also known as the masked lovebird. They have a thick, yellow-beige mask that they wear when they are hunting. This is their basic habitat. It also has yellow bars on its face that are also used for identification.

Aside from the main species that are mentioned here, there are also many others that can be found on the islands of the Philippines. The Capparis Island Birding Center is a great place where you can go and enjoy nature with your family. You will be able to see a wide variety of birds from different places in the Philippines. If you love to collect butterflies, then you should visit the Pantudlan Nature Reserve. Aside from the butterflies, this reserve also has a rich collection of wildlife paintings as well as natural history films.

So what are you waiting for? Why not head to the Philippines right now? You can easily enjoy all that a place has to offer by just staying at their shores. After all, a vacation in the Philippines is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Just imagine the sight of so many birds singing together with the sound of waves in the background. No wonder why it has been called a perfect getaway for so many tourists.

Varied Locations

Aside from the Philippines, birds species also come in close proximity to other Asian countries, mainly Japan, Taiwan and China. This is due to the shared water supply between these Asian countries. As a result, the water fowl migrate to these parts of the world to mate with their nearest neighbors. In fact, you can even see many of them flying over the cities of these Asian countries. It has even been said that the Japanese crow is the most common bird found in the city of Tokyo.

A good way to know about the different types of birds that can be found in the Philippines is to browse through bird books. They are available at most bookstores or online. In addition, you can also ask from fellow vacationers what they have noticed on their trips. You can also join bird groups so that you can learn more about the different species of birds in the country.

A lot of Filipinos are also passionate about the birds. As a result, they also go birding during the daytime and sometimes stay up all night reading books and keeping a lookout for new species. There are even some who take part in bird feeding programs. If you go to the Philippines, you can also try visiting wildlife sanctuaries where there are bird species that are protected and only found in the wild.


Even though there are many birds to choose from, it is important that you consider the environment in which the bird originated from. For example, the Manila Eagle is native to the Philippines, but it is rare to find in the wild. The Rufeng Bifoldnut, on the other hand, originated from the Rufeng area of China and is now found in the wilds of Manchuria. If you are planning to go to the Philippines, take time to know more about its various flora and fauna.

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