Bird Watching - Learn About Some Of The Colors Of The Most Popular Birds Species -

Bird Watching – Learn About Some Of The Colors Of The Most Popular Birds Species

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Most of the time when one sees a beautiful or attractive bird, he or she does not think of it as having any kind of “species” or group of colorful birds species at all. Most people only consider a bird’s form and coloring, and that is all that really matters. To those who truly understand ornithology (or bird watching in general) though, there is more to a bird than its physical features.

An Overview

A close up of a bird

All birds have bodies and unique features that are all unique to them. This is true of all mammals and reptiles as well. When we think of a cat, do we really think of the sleek fur and all of the different colors that cat owners love to put on their cats? Or do we think of the leopard spots that some of these cats have? The reason is that all forms of animals and most creatures have varying degrees of color, just as we have varying degrees of various physical traits and attributes.

The same is true of birds. You don’t have to go any further than your local pet store or zebra farm for evidence of this. What if you were told that there were a large variety of tropical birds that are colorful, right? A large part of what most people think of as “bird types” are in fact flying creatures, but there are also various land living creatures that can be considered birds. You will find the names of many of the different groups of flying creatures below, along with the scientific names for them.

Crowned Kingfisher

A close up of a bird

he crowned kingfisher has been known to have an array of colors, from bright orange and red to gray, black, white, and blue. These are typical royal colors of most species, though some can be found in shades of green and brown. It is said that this type of bird has been known to have been in existence since 16th century BC, but there is little documentation as to where exactly it originated from. Some believe it may have been introduced from Africa.

Davy Finch

The davy fawn is another common variety that has a wide variety of bright colors that are often seen. It is commonly referred to as “The Blue Finch” due to its pure bluish color. It is thought to have originated from Australia.

Dove or Dove

The red-eyed or blue-eyed woodpecker is another common species that is seen in backyards. They are typically gray with white heads and have red eyes. They are commonly referred to as diving bells, or red-winged swans. There are believed to be around seven species, all of which are common.

Larking birds

The purple Martin is another popular variety, as well as the beautiful purple finch. Both of these species have a long neck, as well as wings that are wide. They are popular among bird watchers, who can often be found watching the activity of these birds while birding. These birds are not only a sight to see, but they can be a great source of entertainment as well.

There are many other species of birds out there that are beautiful and colorful, but the above mentioned are just a few of the ones you will find. If you take the time to look for them, you are sure to find many species that are perfect for your backyard. Take a moment to think about how interesting and unique these birds can be, and you will certainly come up with a list of favorites.

Great Activity 

Bird watching can be an enjoyable activity. Even for those who do not consider themselves to be the most adventurous type, it can be very satisfying to watch a specific species of bird. For example, if you love watching birds and you love being outdoors, you can spend hours of your day bird watching. You can even take your family along on your next bird watching adventure! You can even make bird watching more of an adventure by starting your day early and leaving your car at home.

You may also choose to take your family bird watching adventures to more remote areas of the country. If you are looking for the perfect getaway spot for your family, you might be surprised at the many bird watching spots you can find in the great outdoors. There are so many different bird species out there, and if you are lucky enough to have a beautiful piece of land to situate on, you could have a home to go home to every night of the year. Many families have their own piece of Americana, and by taking a drive along the country, you can discover many hidden spots that will be ideal for bird watching.


Whether you have always wanted to try bird watching or you just find yourself itching to see all the colorful birds up close, there is a great spot for you to do it in America. If you are an outdoor lover, you should consider spending your summer vacations in the great outdoors. If you are looking for a way to get away from it all, think about spending time bird watching in America. You will not be disappointed with the results you will see.

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