A Complete Step-By-Step Guide To A Bird Drawing Flying

A bird hanging off the side of a flower

A bird drawing flying is more awe-inspiring rather than seeing a bird in flight. Many birds are capable of soaring effortlessly through the air. Many thousands of bird species take flight each day, and each time you witness it, it’s a marvel of nature. Birds can be challenging to draw when they are stable, and it gets even more complex when they are flying. Birds come in all kinds of bright and beautiful colors so you can make the one you desire. There is no compulsion to draw the one explained in this guide on bird drawing flying. 

Step-By-Step Guide For Beautiful Bird Drawing Flying 

A colorful bird perched on top of a hummingbird
  • Step-1:

In the first step of our guide on bird drawing flying, we will be using a pencil to draw some rough outlines for the bird. You have to keep the lines and the shapes basic for now and gradually add details in the later steps. For the outline, start with the head, body, wings, and tail. After the outlines, draw the face and beak of the bird. Along with these, you can also draw some elements like the eyes and the mouth onto the beak. 

  • Step-2 :

This second part of the bird drawing includes adding some more pen details to your bird. For this part, you have to focus on some of the wings’ lines and some of the body. Then, you can go for the bottom line of the bird. After that, you can also go over the bird’s tail and add some more refined details as you go along. 

  • Step-3 :

This bird drawing has its third step to finish off the outline of the bird. For most of the part, you have to focus on the feather tip details of the wings. To make this, you can use sharp, jagged lines along the wing. These lines will make it look like the wings are nice and feathery. 

  • Step-4 :

The outline of your bird drawing has ended, and now we will be drawing some details inside the wings. Using the pencil, carefully draw some sharp feather lines along the line inside of the wing. This drawing will help a lot in creating the texture of the bird drawing flying. 

  • Step-5 :

This step of bird drawing flying will be all about adding final details to finish it off. These details are mainly of the wings, to which you can add even more feather details. Then, add the pen lines missed out from any previous step. After drawing all of the pen details, erase all the pencil lines from the first step as there is no need for them anymore. While erasing, you should be careful lest the pen ink may spread. After this, you can add any other desired element. You can also add a lovely background to this bird’s flying. 

  • Step-6 :

After completing the bird drawing, it’s time to relax with some coloring. You should feel free to use any colors to your bird drawing flying. 


A parrot on his head

I hope this guide on bird drawing flying helps you draw the excellent drawing you always wanted to draw but could never make it. Share your results!

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