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6 Different Bird Feeder Types For Bird Lovers

Bird Feeder Types

When shopping for different bird feeders, you are likely to encounter a number of different styles and designs. The bird feeder types that might depend on the type of bird you want to attract and how close you desire to be with them in terms of an observer of their daily habits. If you are new to the bird feeding community, you will benefit from this information. Feeding wild birds is a growing hobby in the United States and for a good reason. What a better way to be the witness of wildlife from your backyard with the help of bird feeders! There are many different bird feeder types to hang in your backyard. However, you will learn about three here: hopper feeders, suet feeders, and cage or squirrel proof feeders.

Different Bird Feeder Types
Different Bird Feeder Types

Bird Feeder Types: Window Feeder

The window feeder is the way to bring the bird to your window. The window feeder can easily attach with the window with the suction cups. However, it is easy to maintain and spread the seed for birds. You must clean the feeder daily basis and refill with seeds. Thus, the birds would come and eat.

Platform Or Tray Feeders

Do you love wild birds? Well, then the only option you have to make a platform or tray feeder. The tray feeder attracts wild birds mostly. Tray feeders are the simple platform which holds the seeds for birds and provide some space to stand and eat. However, you have to clean the tray regularly to attract the birds.

Hopper Feeder

Hopper feeders are also called house feeders. It has a platform upon which walls and a roof are built, forming a hopper. Hopper bird feeders are famous because they are functional and practical, as well as can be decorative. These feeders are efficient in cleaning and maintenance. With hopper feeders, it is vital to do regular cleaning. The hopper is built to protect the seed against the elements. However, few hopper feeders do an excellent job of protecting the seed from rain, and the seed can become moldy. Wild birds that mostly attract to hopper feeders are chickadees, nuthatches, red-bellied woodpeckers, mourning doves, cardinals, finches, etc. 

Suet Feeder

Suet feeders are unique feeders that hold a nutrient-rich bird food called suet. This feeder is like a metal cage that houses suet, which is like a block of food. However, it attracts birds like woodpeckers, flickers, and nuthatches. During the winter season, this type of feeder will be especially popular, as the fat found in the suet can help keep birds warm.

Tube Feeder

The tube feeders are the best for any small birds. It delivers the seeds to the birds through the screen or ports. The design of this feeder is perfect for feeding the bird upside down. If you want to attract a great variety of the birds in your backyard, make a tube feeder.

Bird Feeder Types: Hummingbird Feeder

Bird Feeder Types: Hummingbird Feeder
Bird Feeder Types: Hummingbird Feeder

Another type of bird feeder is the hummingbird feeder, which holds a sugar solution instead of sugar. However, the sugar solution tastes a lot like nectar to hummingbirds. Hummingbirds love these kinds of feeders. You will be surprised at how many hummingbirds you can attract with a simple feeder like this. These are some of the bird feeders that you make in your backyard for the wild birds.

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