Top 6 Blue Pet Birds Species -

Top 6 Blue Pet Birds Species

Blue Pet Birds

Are you fond of a pet? And especially birds? The research said that many people accept birds as their pets, feed them, and take care of them. About 25 percent of bird’s parents keep some type of Parakeet, making this colorful breed the most popular pet bird among parents, according to the APPA. There are dozens of different breeds of Parakeet, but the most popular by far is the budgerigar or budgie.

Among the green dominant colors in any parrot, but still you will find several birds with beautiful blue feathers.

Here Is A List Of 5 Top Rated Blue Pet Bird

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1. Blue And Gold Macaw

A small blue bird perched on top of a parrot

This bird is most popular and dominant in the list of the bluebird. Especially found in South America, this beautiful bird presents a bold mix of bright blue and yellow feathers. It has the most striking features that are the white patches of skin around its eyes, typically found in most macaw species. Moreover, it has a green feather forehand, a beautiful contrast to its blue and yellow body. It is mostly popular for its intelligence, its voice copying behavior.

2. Budgerigar (Blue Mutation)

This bird has green and yellow feathers. But in captivity, selective breeding has given rise to an array of color mutations. It’s the most popular bluebird found in every house. These budgies present blue plumage on their chest, head, and bellies, often with black spotting and striping on their head, back, and tail. Good for the caretaker of experience level, these birds are the most popular species for decades.

3. Hyacinth Macaw

It is the largest of all the Macaw species, the hyacinth macaw is almost of deepest shade of solid blue with slight patches of yellow around the beak and eyes. They are famously known as ‘gentle giants’, as despite their intimidating beaks, they are extremely friendly and affectionate. These birds require a lot of attention from their caretaker as well as plenty of space to exercise.

4. Pacific Parrotlet (Blue Mutation)

They are the most famous birds as they are the smallest size in the bluebird category, packing a lot of personality into their small bodies. These birds are good for the people who don’t have enough space in their house. They will understand you well and they need plenty of space to exercise to keep them healthy and friendly.

5. Blue-Headed Pionus

They are found in the region of Central and South America, the blue-headed Pionus. They have blue head and neck; green body; red on the underside; black patches over ears; black beak with red sides. These birds are easygoing and quiet especially as compared to other species. They need more love to become friendly. They’re also fairly gentle birds without a propensity of biting. They also require space like other birds.

6. Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Mostly in India, ringneck parrots are found in green color and they are very famous but some species of it come in blue mutation and they are very special. These parrots are very clever and smart and can get into trouble with chewing or other destructive behavior if they don’t have enough to do. They are very fond of red chilies. They are very talented, they copy voices and act like a human. They also need good care and handling, sweet demeanor.


These bluebird pets have always proven themselves many times to be a good friend of humans. Some interaction with them will make them comfortable with you. And then they will be yours all the time.

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