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5 Most Common Pet Birds

Common Pet Birds

The people who plan to doctor a pet bird to be the companion might have a lot of species to select from. The different types of bird species are known for their specific characteristics. Some are known to flock needs and require specific training.

With most birds, you have to consider companionship and it goes both ways. The need to be ready to accept humans and provide good company for them. Social bonding is important to the pet to ensure that you can give them a special room in your house.

There are specific things that you should know about both species so that you can easily choose them as a companion. Here are the most Common Pet Birds that you can consider looking for. You can consider getting in touch with the local board rescue to ensure you can adopt.

Parakeet/Budgie – The Most Common Pet Birds

A small bird perched on a branch

The first on the list is the parakeet which is Common Pet Birds. It makes a wonderful pet for children or individuals who are new to keeping birds.

This species of birds are known for their playfulness and smart nature. You must give them space and ensure that they get proper maintenance. You will find that the birds are smaller than their other words.


A small bird perched on a tree branch

These Common Pet Birds are of medium signs and require the perfect partner to keep. They have some advanced singing and whistling abilities which are quite popular among the Australians.

Some people might be delighted to learn that the birds are capable of learning how to talk and many owners love them. The birds are known to have various abilities and color combinations.


One of the most popular Common Pet Birds is canaries and finches. They are just 5 inches in size and some are even less. They only require a small space in your house and perfect for a pet bird.

They are not like parrots and you will find them to be perfect as a companion. The Common Pet Birds only pay less attention to the humans which makes them perfect as they won’t interact with strangers.


The lovebirds are specialist pets. They are considered to be the smallest parrot birds species around the world. You will find that these Common Pet Birds are colorful and they are quite in demand for their personality and intelligence.

The boards are very quiet and it can ensure that you can easily get them as a pet for apartments. The life expectancy for pets is around 20 years which is quite ideal.

Monk Parakeet

The next on the list is the Monk parakeet which is another popular small parrot. The common pet bird and you can easily find them for their ability to build a large vocabulary as they can learn various phrases and words. You can easily explain the different types of information so that they can pick it up. The life expectancy of monk parakeet is around 20 to 30 years.

These are some of the most Common Pet Birds that you can consider adopting. You can easily get in touch with the local pet rescue agency and learn about different types of species. You must focus on the training of these Common Pet Birds. By giving them proper space and maintaining their living space will be sure that they can easily learn new things.

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