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3 Top And Interesting New Species Of Birds Found In The Last Year

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In this well-trodden world, discovering new species of birds is an exciting event for science and scientists. A new species of birds doesn’t mean that the scientists have never named or seen it. It refers to those species which have not been thoroughly described and published in various books. Every year scientists explore biodiversity ecosystems in the hope of discovering a new species of birds. While browsing social media, they come across many new undescribed species. Along with it, a huge diversity is also found in the marine world. Scientists spend effort and time exploring it to come across new species of birds and bring out their significant description. After coming across a new species of bird, scientists go through its deep study and draw various conclusions about the specific and defined features of the species to give a proper description of that species. Here, you will shortly come to know about the various interesting and recent discoveries of new species of birds in the last year. 

Know About The Unique And New Species Of Birds Found In The Last Year 

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Although several species have been discovered over time, here is the description of the most interesting discoveries. Come along to know more. 

Leaf Warblers 

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This bird belongs to the category of small, insect-eating songbirds that lived in the old world. These are small insectivorous birds belonging to the genus Phylloscopus. It derives its name from the Greek word ‘phullon,’ leaf, and ‘skopos,’ seeker. This new species of birds are constantly moving, active, often flicking their wings as they extract the foliage for insects along with the bushes and branches of trees. They live at various levels within forests, from canopy to the understory. 

Taliabu Myzomela

It is a type of honeyeater that feeds on a wide array of fruit and nectar. This species was named after the village of Wahe on Taliabu Island, which is the gateway to the highest elevations on Taliabu. Generally, it has been spotted from sea level to 1300 meters. The highest elevation where it can be found is 1415 meters. It is mostly found on the canopy of trees and edge habitats. 

Peleng Fantail 

This species of bird is endemic to the mountainous areas of Peleng Island in Indonesia. It can easily be differentiated from other species of fantail by the bright white throat, distant courtship vocalization, and black scaling below its black breast patch. It gets threatened by deforestation and wildfires occurring due to climate change. It is undoubtedly the largest discovery of its kind in over a century. 


I hope you have thoroughly gone through this wonderful article regarding the new species of birds found in recent years and found it up to your expectations. This might have become handy in increasing your knowledge regarding the new species of birds. 

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